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Image 7 spheres of power, Adrienne Jalbert
The art gallery L'Oeil et la Main, specialized in primitve arts, gives freehand to ADRIENNE JALBERT for a confrontation which will not fail to cause the interest and curiosity.

Adrienne Jalbert, artist of international reputation, had been bitten by this young gallery, established in a small calm street behind the museum of Orsay. Having worked much on the idea of the sphere, she proposes to us here one of her last series, but presented in a new environment: that of primitive arts.

This confrontation is done around a logic which answers, just like did it Gustav Holst in music, with planetary and mythological topics: the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Come, Saturn and the Sun which are associated with their respective terrestrial influences: hunting, the war, money, love, the festival, life. African mythology is of another nature but it also has its powers which it will be necessary to tame. That led to an astonishing variety of means of intercession whose statues and masks are most known.

The title of the exposure, SEVEN SPHERES OF POWER, is not only one wink in direction of the 7 days of cultural activity of the 7th district of this beginning of autumn in which the event fits. Each one knows that each day of the week is marked by a planet and Sunday is the day of the sun. These references to names of gods of a Mythology which is not really anymore ours hide secret influences in which much believes firmly. The planets still keep their powers even if one does not sacrifice anymore to their gods and goddesses.

The spheres of Adrienne Jalbert have the same enigmatic and apparently serene dimension than their sisters of space. Their lightness is appropriate for the subject. Appearance masks the force, energy locked up, interior fire. The grid of metal nodes which define the form hide the aggressiveness of materials, and compresses the matter which does not require that has to explode. The tension applied to the external bonds captures internal energies and dominates the anthropic forces.

Adrienne Jalbert exposes in Tokyo, New York, Valetta, Palm Beach, Vienna, London… She is represented in many museums as in the particular collections or of the seats of large international companies. Her large sphere of Prosperity opened the Year of China like the procession at the Champs Elysées, and she prepares an exhibition of her spheres for the opening of the new Museum of Las Vegas.

Confrontation with primitive objects is original. The subject is not to underline an aesthetic or stylistic convergence, like classically with the Modern art. The subject is not to compare aesthetic forms and styles. There are here seven series evoking topics identical to those of the spheres. The ethnic objects gathered here were invested with particular capacities by their creators and their users. Some are intended to accompany some requests for protection and indulgence from the forces by beyond. However, even if they are not anymore in their environment, they kept their interior force and their emotional capacity.

The art gallery L'Oeil et la Main thus widens the glance related to these objects. The care and quality brought to the realization of simple objects which are only temporarily inhabited by the spirits can contribute to the emergence of true artistic successes. Isn't the desire to express the inexpressible one the genuine engine of artistic creation?

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