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Art Gallery the Eye and the Hand

Armand Auxiètre

Image Armand Auxiètre

Armand Auxiètre always bathed in the universe of the collection. His grandfather and his father before him constituted, progressively time and discoveries, a collection of many and varied objects, from the old books to the objects coming from all the parts of Africa. Since he was young, Armand evolves in a particular universe, in which he educates his glance naturally. After having passed several diplomas of cabinet-making, he passed successfully its diploma of trade at the Ecole Boulle, and develops its knowledge in African art in parallel. The attraction between the african sculpture and Armand Auxiètre is initially plastic, immediate, obvious. A love was born, which will be developed with the wire of the meetings, discovered and the readings. Soon pleasure of being surrounded by works of art becoming too large to resist the urge to share this passion, Armand takes again the old bookshop of his grandmother, and perpetuates the family presence initiated in the Fifties at the 41 rue de Verneuil, by creating the gallery " L' Oeil et la Main". The name of the gallery is a tribute to the work of the artists, most of the time anonymous in the traditional african art, which creates and gives life to the material with their glance and their hands. Temporary exhibitions are regularly organized and offer the occasion to propose to the amateurs, experts or not, works of art answering to an unceasingly reactualized set of themes. Located in the historical Paris, in an old charm building, Armand Auxiètre's gallery presents a selection of works of a plastic high-quality, which are good to contemplate lengthily.

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Collection Armand Auxietre
Art primitif, Art premier, Art africain, African Art Gallery, Tribal Art Gallery
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