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Statue anthropomorphe Chamba
Statue anthropomorphe Chamba
€ 18,000.00
Ciwara mask, Bambara, Mali
Ciwara mask, Bambara, Mali
€ 25,000.00
Mask, Mumuye, Nigeria
Mask, Mumuye, Nigeria
€ 20,000.00
Female Kifwebe mask, Songye, Democratic Republic of Congo
Female Kifwebe mask, Songye, Democratic Republic of Congo
€ 12,000.00

Image Passione d'Africa
COSSA Egidio - PAUDRAT Jean-Louis 
a cura di Chantal Dandrieu e Fabrizio Giovagnoni
Passione d'Africa:  l'arte africana nelle collezioni italiane
Détails sur le produit:
Pubblicazione: 10/2009
Rilegato - Pagine: 240
 COSSA Egidio - PAUDRAT Jean-Louis - a cura di Chantal Dandrieu e Fabrizio Giovagnoni:
Passione d'Africa:  l'arte africana nelle collezioni italiane
Présentation de l'éditeur   -   Biographie de l'auteur
Descriptions du produit:
Présentation de l'éditeur
Passione d’Africa traccia la storia del collezionismo di arte dell’Africa subsahariana in Italia – o di italiani residenti all’estero – a partire dagli anni cinquanta fino ai nostri giorni. Il volume, con una introduzione di Egidio Cossa, riproduce oltre 130 capolavori, selezionati per il loro valore estetico e perché illustrano le tappe di questa vicenda collezionistica.
Il libro vuole restituire una fotografia oggettiva, senza partiti presi o pretese di esclusività, del collezionismo d’arte africana in Italia. Lo fa con l’ampio saggio di Jean-Louis Paudrat e con la completissima crono-bibliografia dello stesso studioso che elenca oltre cinquant’anni di pubblicazioni, mostre, convegni ed aste di arte africana in Italia. Da questa ricognizione emerge una nuova immagine del collezionismo d’arte africana in Italia, a torto ritenuto un ‘parente
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Image Bamana: Afrikanische Kunst aus Mali
Bamana: Afrikanische Kunst aus Mali
(ISBN: 3907077008 / 3-907077-00-8)
Descrizione libro:
Zürich, Museum Rietberg, 2001, 2001. 4°, Fronti., 264 S., zahlr., meist farb. Abb., Brosch., Einbd. min. kratzspurig, sonst tadell. Anlässlich der gleichnamigen Ausstellung im Museum Rietberg. Mit Feldfotos von Catherine De Clippel. Mit
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Image Bamana: The Art of Existence in Mali
Bamana: The Art of Existence in Mali
Détails sur le produit:
Relié: 224 pages - Editeur: Snoeck-Ducaji & Zoon (avril 2001) - Langue: Anglais 
ISBN-10: 905349359X - ISBN-13: 978-9053493595
Book Description:
Snoek-Ducaju & Zoon, Gent, 2001. Softcover. 300x230mm. 263 pages. 234 colour object photographs and 50 black & white field photographs by Catherine de Clippel. Maps. Contributions by Mary Jo Arnoldi, James T. Brink, Rene A. Bravmann, David C. Conrad, Kate Ezra, Barbara E. Frank, Salia Male and Patrick McNaughton. Catalogue of the exhibition organized by the Museum for African Art, New York in cooperation with the Museum Reitberg, Zurich and presented simultaneously in both
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Détails sur le produit:
Relié: 384 pages - Dimensione: 240 x 35 x 280 mm - Editeur: ANTIQUE COLLECTORS' CLUB Editions (29 juin 2011) - Langue: Anglais 
ISBN-10: 1851496343 - ISBN-13: 978-1851496341
Descriptions du produit
Descriptions du produit:
Note Libraio: 
Horses are very rare in Africa. The few to be found west of Sudan, from the lands of the Sahara and Sahel down to the fringes of the tropical forests, belong to the king, the chief warrior and to notable persons. Due to the dense humidity of the tropical rainforest and the deadly tsetse fly, only restricted numbers of horses survive. And yet rider and mount sculptures are common among the Dogon, Djenne, Bamana, Senufo and the Yoruba people. The Akan - Asante people of Ghana and the Kotoko of Chad produced a good deal of small casting brass and bronze sculptures. Some of the artists could barely even have caught a glimpse of a horse. This visually stunning book presents a wealth of African art depicting the horse and its rider in a variety of guises, from Epa masks and Yoruba divination cups to Dogon sculptures and Senufo carvings. In Mali, the Bamana, Boso and Somono ethnic groups still celebrate the festivals of the puppet masquerade. The final chapter of this book is dedicated to the art and cult of these festivals, which are still alive and well. It is not the habit of the African artist to provide intellectual statements for his work, yet his unique creative dynamic and far-searching vision does not conflict with that of
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Image Art of the Lega
CAMERON L. Elisabeth
Art of the Lega   -  (ISBN-10: 0930741889 - ISBN-13: 978-0930741884)
Détails sur le produit: Broché: 231 pages - Editeur: Fowler Museum of Cultural History,U.S.; Édition: illustrated edition (1 mai 2002) Langue: Anglais
Book Description:
Drawing upon diverse sources, including Daniel P. Biebuyckís seminal fieldwork of the 1950s, Elisabeth Cameron investigates the culture and the art of the Lega peoples of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Among the Lega, art is only created for and used by the Bwami Society. Bwami is a complex organization consisting of multiple levels, and it forms an essential component of the political, social, and religious structure of the Lega. Within Bwami, artworks are used in conjunction with proverbs, anecdotes, and performances to form complex layered metaphors and to serve as mnemonic devices. As initiates move up through the ranks of the Bwami Society, a variety of different artworks assist them in recalling a vast corpus of complex aphorisms. The many beautiful examples of Lega artworks illustrated in this volume are drawn primarily from the Jay T. Last collection and include masks, animals, human forms, miniature tools, and
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BUTOR Michel, Alain-Michel Boyer, Floriane Morin et Pierre Messmer
L'HOMME ET SES MASQUES: Chefs-d'oeuvre des musées Barbier-Mueller, Genève et Barcelone
Détails sur le produit:
Relié: 371 pages - Editeur: Hazan (25 mai 2005) - Langue: Français - 
ISBN-10: 2754100377 - ISBN-13: 978-2754100373
BUTOR Michel, Alain-Michel Boyer, Floriane Morin, et Pierre Messmer  -  L'HOMME ET SES MASQUES
Descrizione libro - Présentation de l'éditeur   -   Biographie de l'auteur
Descriptions du produit:
Présentation de l'éditeur
Pour la première fois en Europe, les riches collections des musées Barbier-Mueller de Genève et de Barcelone ont permis de réunir une sélection exceptionnelle de 125 masques du monde entier, illustrant 5 000 ans d'histoire de l'art. Le poète Michel Butor a mis en scène avec sensibilité les masques d'initiation, de chamanisme, de théâtre, de carnaval ou de protection, qui dialoguent ainsi avec des mots choisis. Alors, ces visages de bois, de fibres et de fer prennent vie. Ils rassurent ou terrorisent, leurs faces s'illuminent d'un sourire ou se figent dans une grimace crispée. Ce défilé est introduit par un essai de l'ethnologue et philosophe Alain-Michel Boyer, évoquant avec liberté les nombreux visages et aspects du masque. Chaque œuvre est enfin décrite et puis replacée dans son contexte de
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Image Persona: Masks of Africa - Identities Hidden and Revealed


Persona: Masks of Africa - Identities Hidden and Revealed

Détails sur le produit: Broché: 304 pages (285x240 mm) - Editeur: Five Continents Editions (1 septembre 2009) - Langue: Anglais - ISBN-10: 8874395132 - ISBN-13: 978-8874395132

Descrizione libro: Covering images of exceptional African masks alongside contemporary African art, this beautifully designed and powerful book presents original look at the role of the mask in African culture. Based on an exhibition of 180 masks - more than 100 from the outstanding collection at the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren, Belgium - and works by contemporary African artists, this extraordinary book offers a new interpretation of the mask as the universal object that both hides and reveals. Beautifully designed, Persona presents masks organized by their usage, the dances, and rituals they serve and the belief system they display. The contemporary works, selected for their artistry, formal boldness, and intrinsic messages, arouse a similar aesthetic response, but serve a different function from the ritual masks. This stunningly illustrated and engaging book

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Image LOBI
Détails sur le produit:
Relié: 152 pages - Editeur: Five Continents Editions; Édition: illustrated edition (21 mai 2007) - Collection: Visions of Africa Series - Langue: Anglais - ISBN-10: 8874393504 - ISBN-13: 978-8874393503
Book Description
Western Africa's Lobi are known for their sculpture art of ancestral cult objects as well as figures used in private practices. Featured in this book, part of the Visions of Africa series, is a selection of Lobi masterpieces from such prestigious collections as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and the British Museum of
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Image Statuary from the pre-Bembe Hunters
Statuary from the pre-Bembe Hunters. Issues in the interpretation of ancestral figurines ascribed to the Basikasingo-Bembe-Boyo.
Descrizione libro:
EDITOR: The Royal Museum of Central Africa - Tervuren - Belgium 1981. 
Statuary in the collections of the Royal Museum of Central Africa.
Langue: Anglais - Soft cover, 164 pp, 6 color and 145 b/w illus, 32 line drgs,
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BEDAUX Rogier et VAN DER WAALS Diderik
Détails sur le produit:
Rijksmuseum / Snieck, 2004. Couverture rigide. très bel ouvrage sur les Dogon, proposant une vue d'ensemble du patrimoine culturel des Dogon: leur art, leur culture matèrielle, leur architecture et leur histoire. - ISBN 9789053494219
BAY G. Edna
Asen, Ancestors, and Vodun: Tracing Change in African Art
Détails sur le produit: Relié: 188 pages - Editeur: University of Illinois Press (15 avril 2008) - Langue: Anglais 
ISBN-10: 0252032551 - ISBN-13: 978-0252032554
Descrizione libro: Asen, metal sculptures of southern Benin, West Africa, are created to honour the dead and are meant to encourage interaction between visible and spiritual worlds in ancestral rites associated with the belief system known as vodun. Drawing on extensive fieldwork in the former Kingdom of Dahomey, Bay traces more than 150 years of transformations in the manufacture and symbolic meanings of asen against the backdrop of a slave-raiding monarchy, domination by French colonialism, and postcolonial political and social change. Bay expertly reads evidence of the area's turbulent history through analysis of asen motifs as she describes the diverse influences affecting the process of asen production from the point of their probable invention to their current decline in use. Paradoxically, asen represent a sacred African art form, yet are created using European materials and technologies and are embellished with figures drawn from tourist production. Bay's meticulously researched artistic and historical study is a fascinating Présentation de l'éditeur
Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde, Leyde. Gand: Editions Snoeck,
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Détails sur le produit:

Edition: Museum fur volkerkunde Frankfurt - Frankfurt am Main, 1983 - 
Hardcover. first edition. 162pp 22 x 22 cm, 114 b/w illus. of objects, 2 maps, biblio. Text: German & English. Series: Afrika-Sammlung 1. 
Monograph on the Luba & Hemba peoples from

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Learning & Information Department 
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During the summer of 1912 the Museum acquired by purchase a collection of about two thousand 
specimens consisting of weapons, utensils, ornaments, clothing and images from a number of African 
tribes living in the Congo basin.  This collection was, for the most part, obtained from the natives by the 
well-known German traveler, Frobenius.    

in a way which served at least to show what a variety of artistic activities and  what a rich  culture  the in 
a way which served at least to show what a variety of artistic activities and  what a rich  culture  the 
native Congo peoples possess.     
native Congo peoples possess.     

Visitors  had  an  opportunity   of   admiring the wonderful carved wooden boxes and cups,
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‘African Vision: The Walt Disney-Tishman African Art Collection’
This female figure, made of ivory and standing 37 inches tall, was made in the early Nineteenth Century by Edo peoples in the Benin kingdom court style, and was probably intended for an altar to a queen mother. It is one of the first two objects purchased by Paul and Ruth Tishman in 1959. "Ivory can be almost universally interpreted as a symbol of importance and wealth,” says exhibition curator Bryna Freyer.
WASHINGTON D.C.:Most Americans know little about the vast and diverse continent of Africa, much less the arts created there. Dark and primitive, the arts of the African peoples reflect the rituals of life, stripped to the most basic interpretive forms both conceptually and artistically.
Celebrating the arts of Africa and the profound role that they have played in molding Twentieth Century Abstraction and Modernist art in the "West" is the Smithsonian's newest exhibition, "African Vision: The Walt Disney-Tishman African Art Collection." It is on view through September 7, 2008, at The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African Art (NMAA).
"African Vision" showcases 88 outstanding artworks, part of a larger collection donated to the NMAA, that represents the largest gift of sculpture in the museum's history.
In 1959, Paul and Ruth Tishman began their collection with the purchase of two pieces of art from the Benin kingdom — an early Nineteenth Century ivory female figure standing 37 inches tall, made in the court style by the Edo peoples, and a 28-inch-tall, Eighteenth Century copper alloy mask that was worn by a divine-healer in masquerade
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Tribal Art - Jean-Baptiste BacquaSee the continuation... ]

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Galerie L'oeil et La Main Paris 7e 
41 rue de Verneuil 75007 Paris
tel 0142615410
Bétonsalon Paris 13e
Centre d'art et de recherche
R-d-c de la Halle aux Farines 
9 esplanade Pierre Vidal-Naquet 75013 Paris
M° ou RER Bibliothèque François Mitterrand 
contact : info@betonsalon.net / +33.(0)
Cac Brétigny Brétigny [91]
Centre d’art contemporain de Brétigny
Espace Jules Verne, Rue Henri Douard
91220 Brétigny s/Orge
tel (33) 01 60 85 20 76
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Centre Culturel Suisse Paris 3e
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75003 Paris
Tel +33 (0) 1 42 71 44 50
Centre Georges Pompidou Paris 4e
Place Georges Pompidou
75004 Paris
+33 (0)1 44 78 12 33
CNEAI Chatou [78]
Centre national de l'estampe et de l'art imprimé
Maison Levanneur, île des impressionnistes
78400 Chatou
tél (0033)1 39 52 45 35
fax (0033)1 39 52 43 78
Centre National de l'Edition et de l'Art Imprimé
20 rue Louise Weiss 75013 Paris, France
(+33)1 45 83 88 96
Cosmic Galerie Paris 19e
Claudia CARGNEL et Frédéric BUGADA
7-9, rue de l'Équerre 75019 Paris
Tél : +33 1 42 71 72
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Walker Evans

Walker Evans
Il est né le 3 novembre 1903, à Saint-Louis, Missouri. Il étudie au Williams College en 1922-1923 et à la Sorbonne en 1926. Evans débute la photographie en 1930. Il obtient une bourse de la Fondation John-Simon-Guggenheim en 1940, 1941 et 1959. Il entre au magazine Time en 1945 et à Fortune en 1965. Cette même année, il devient professeur de photographie à l'école d'art de l'Université Yale. Il est mort le 10 avril 1975, à New Haven, Connecticut.
On connaît notamment son travail sur la Grande dépression, participant au programme de la Farm Security Administration. Les images de métayers dans l'Alabama, au même titre que celles de Dorothea Lange, comptent parmi les icônes du monde moderne.
On remarque dans son travail les regards des sujets fixant l'objectif de Walker Evans : ici pas de doute le sujet se sait photographié, pour autant il ne se compose pas un visage de circonstance orné d'un sourire obligatoire. Ici la photographie ne se contente pas de montrer, elle interroge le spectateur, l'américain des années 1930 : si le sujet se laisse photographier dans cette posture, c'est que son regard a quelque chose à nous dire. Ce n'est peut-être plus nous qui le regardons mais lui qui nous accuse.
Cette franchise du photographe préserve une dignité humaine mise à mal par la misère qui se laisse voir dans les vêtements en loques.
Cet aspect de ses photos est
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by Peter Walsh
"MEMORY: Luba Art and the Making of History," one of the largest and most important exhibitions of African art ever to appear in the Boston area, will be on view at the Davis Museum and Cultural Center from February 5 through June 7, 1998. Organized by The Museum for African Art in New York City, this critically acclaimed exhibition of exceptionally beautiful artworks explores for the first time in an American museum exhibition the intricate and fascinating culture of the Luba of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire). More than 80 important and beautiful objects are included in the show.
Since it opened in New York City in February 1996, MEMORY has received enormous popular and critical praise. The New York Times described it as "everything an exhibition ought to be. Visually riveting and built on a theme as philosophically complex as it is poetic, it has the pace and pull of an unfolding epic... MEMORY... brings to vivid life an art that is both a wonder of formal invention... and a sovereign vehicle for profound ideas."
MEMORY will include standing figures, staffs of office, ceremonial weapons, masks, divining tools and amulets as well as fine examples of lukasas, or Luba "memory boards," all of which the Luba used as elaborate visual symbols to record their cultural memories, histories, traditions, and royal lineages. The show and its accompanying catalogue are the culmination of a decade of intense and path-breaking research and study
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