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The Theodore Monod African Museum, for a long time called museum of Dakar or museum of IFAN, is a museum located in Dakar and part of the fundamental Institute of Black Africa (IFAN), within the University Sheikh Anta Diop.

It is part of official sites receiving writings displayed during Biennial of Dakar.


Located on the place Soweto, the building was constructed in 1931 in fashionable Sudanese style then and first sheltered the seat of the Administration Dress rehearsal de l' AOF, then the museum after creation in 1936 by French Theodore Monod de l' Institut of Black Africa (IFAN), which will change name without changing acronym in 1960s. It is only at this instant when collections are really put in the disposition of the public. However the first recording of object dates of 1941.

The museum was renovated in 1995. From January, 2005 till February, 2008, the conservative was Abdoulaye Camara.

For a long time called Africain Art museum, he changes name in 2007, by the presidential decree n ° 2007-1528 of December 13th, 2007 and takes that of Museum Africain Theodore Monod d' Art.


The museum is devoted to arts and traditions of Western Africa and has about 9 000 objects among which about 300 are introduced to the public permanently.

Though of more modest size, he introduces analogies with the Museum of the Man of Paris, staging several situations of daily life, as the rituals of abatement to Yorubas of Nigeria or the exits of masks to Sénoufos of Ivory Coast. If masks are represented well, they also find there sculpted objects such as statuettes, doors, seats or drums. The major role of the gold in transsaharien trade is recalled by number of boxes and various jewellery. Examples of the main craft activities of Western Africa are displayed: potteries, ceramics, basketry and textile industries of a big variety of colours and of materials.

The first floor is devoted to temporary exhibitions. For example, in 2007, «Witnesses of fecundity and fertility» show the importance of rituals accompanying and favouring fertility and fecundity in some Western populations Africain.


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