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Art Gallery the Eye and the Hand

Présence Africaine

a forum, a movement, a network

Mezzanine East
Tuesday 10 November 2009 to Sunday, January 31, 2010
curated by Sarah-Frioux Salgas

African presence is the literary and cultural journal founded by Alioune Diop, the Senegalese intellectual in 1947, also became a publishing house from 1949. It was an outreach tool that has enabled black writers and intellectuals to assert their cultural identities and historical context that the colonial or denied "exoticizing.

This exhibition presents numerous books and archival documents, photographs and some objects. Sound recordings and audiovisual also occupy an important place: historical documents and interviews conducted specifically for this exhibition punctuate the route.

These give to see the emergence and influence of a movement, a forum for thought and demands of the black world at a time when much of the West had a distorted view, or derogatory.
route of exposure

The exhibition will feature four sections, preceded by an introductory sequence.
Exhibition opening

It is an object Dogon who happens to be the symbol of the journal, which will open the exhibition. It will present a brief review and the publishing house Présence Africaine, and to recall the relevance of such an exhibition today. Interviews with leading lights of the movement will be released.
The Black Atlantic Division 1 of Pan-Africanism to blackness

Présence Africaine is the heiress to a share of "black news" that existed in France in 1920-1930, and secondly, an international cultural and political movement.

Four major sets are distinguished in this sequence, with both the cultural, political and related to the Parisian intellectual "negro vogue" and the international nature of the debate:

* Influences of black Americans and intellectuals in Haiti
* Paulette Nardal and literary salon
* Advocates for equal rights, against colonialism and against apartheid
* Negritude

This section presents mainly archival material, including copies of previously unpublished black press committed to two wars, and the Journal of the black world of Paulette Nardal
Section 2 of the magazine and publishing house Présence Africaine: a project commitments

This sequence presents the project and what were the commitments of African Presence and how its founder, Alioune Diop, managed to unite all stakeholders in the black diaspora.

Presence Africaine published all the great texts of Césaire and has participated in the dissemination, by an English translation of the text on the blackness of Jean-Paul Sartre's "Black Orpheus" (1948), and has also published the famous book by Sheikh Anta Diop, Nations and Cultures Negro (1954).

Two large groups are distinguished in this sequence:

* Creation of the magazine: "N'iam goora or rationale of Presence Africaine"
* Editorials commitments: the inventory of black cultures in anti-colonialism

This section will include manuscripts of exceptional Sartre and Breton, as well as original photographs by Alfred Metraux. Major movements and figures of history and black culture will be discussed, such as the Black Panthers or Malcolm X.
Section 3 1956-1959: black intellectuals debating. The Congress of Black Writers and Artists (Paris Sorbonne, 1956 - Rome, 1959)

Two congresses of black artists were organized by Présence Africaine: two events of 1956 and 1959 have indeed been initiated and largely organized by Alioune Diop, who has tried to apply in practice, the principles developed in his editorial commitments.

The aim of these congresses, which take place at the times of colonization, the Cold War, apartheid and racial segregation in the United States, was to make an inventory and an inventory of culture in Africa to reflect on the situation of blacks in the world. This sequence is thus an opportunity to discuss the debates that animated the literary and intellectual black from 1950-1960.

Copies of original posters designed by Picasso for the two congresses, photographs and audio recordings unreleased illustrate this section.
Section 4 Dakar 1966: African Art in Africa

By organizing the two conferences, African Presence has provided a forum for intellectuals and writers of the black diaspora. By initiating and participating actively in the organization of the First World Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar (1966), Presence Africainepoursuit his work valuing the richness and diversity of artistic practices but also Africans in the diaspora.

This festival is the first major cultural event held in Africa by a young independent African state. This event was therefore also a strong political challenge to Leopold Senghor Lédar, president of the young republic of Senegal.

Three main sets are distinguished in this sequence:

* First organization in Dakar World Festival of Negro Arts (April 1966)
* Multiple events during the festival
* Exhibition "negro art" in Dakar (April 1966) in Paris (Grand Palais, June 1966)

In this section, in addition to posters and programs of the era, are presented some of the exhibits in Dakar at the exhibition of 1966. A video installation also gives an overview of the wealth of performing arts at the festival.

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