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Art Gallery the Eye and the Hand

Tangle of ropes, accumulation of disparate elements, small heaps unspeakable, are the objects of divination in Africa in this book. These figures of the formless, sometimes perceived as loathsome and strange, are much more familiar we suppose at first, and do not speak of anything but life and countless son's existence, which continue to establish and discard. It is not that of any tribute to Africa and mysterious fetish, but to honor human creativity and variety of forms it knows borrow.

Exposure. Musée du Quai Branly (2009) Recipes of the Gods: the fetish aesthetic Actes Sud € 19.90
Group under the leadership of Jacques Kerchache African Art & Citadels Mazenod € 199.00
Faik-Nzuji, Clementine M. African Arts: signs and symbols boeck From € 42.00
Collective Imprints of Africa: African Art, Modern Art Workshop € 9.91
Basson, Mbog Aesthetics of African Art: The Symbolic and complexity Harmattan € 21.00
Diagne, Souleymane Bachir Leopold Sedar Senghor, African art as philosophy: an essay Riveneuve € 15.00
Exposure. Afrikamuseum (2007-2008) Ubangi, art and culture in the heart of South Africa Acts € 99.95
Alain Lecomte art, magic and medicine in Black Africa Gallery Alain Lecomte € 35.00
Exposure. Dapper Foundation (2007-2008) Musée Dapper Pet € 45.00
Exposure. Dapper Foundation (2006-2007) Gabon: the presence of spirits Museum Dapper € 38.00
Exposure. Dapper Foundation (1996-1997) Musée Dapper Magic € 44.97
Exposure. Dapper Foundation (1997) Musée Dapper Containers € 42.69
Exposure. Musée du Quai Branly (2007) Wounded Objects: Mending Africa Musée du quai Branly € 25.00
Fiemeyer, Isabelle Marcel Griaule citizen Dogon Actes Sud € 25.00
Agnieszka Kedzierski, Jouvelet Benoït Healers and medicine men: medicine in traditional West African Alternatives € 25.00
Daniel Laine, Anne Stamm, Saulnier black stone gods Arthaud € 40.00
Pietz, William Fetish: Genealogy of a problem Eclat € 20.00
Griaule, Marcel God of Water: Interview with Fayard Ogotemmeli € 20.00
Group led by Umberto Eco Ugliness Flammarion € 39.90
Pascale, Enrico's death and resurrection Hazan € 27.00
Clippel of Catherine, Jean-Paul Colleyn Secrets: African fetishes La Martiniere € 35.00

Recipes of the Gods - Aesthetics fetish
exhibition record, from February 3 to May 10, 2009
Musée du Quai Branly
NMR selective bibliography - Department of the book - bookstore NMR Wharf
Recipes Bibliography of the gods - the fetish aesthetic

Coppo, Piero healers of madness, history of the Dogon Plateau: ethnopsychiatry
The troublemakers of thinking
€ 14.33
Surgy, Albert
Divination by the eight strings in-Gurma Mwaba (Northern Togo).
Volume 2, The initiation of the diviner and divination
L'Harmattan € 29.00
Surgy, Albert
The way of fetishes: an essay on the theoretical foundation and perspective
mystical practices of fetish
L'Harmattan € 33.55
Surgy Albert Nature and Function of fetishes in black Africa: the case of Southeast Togo L'Harmattan € 42.70
Hubert Jacques
Traditional rituals of Africa: an approach to liturgical theology
L'Harmattan € 18.00
Tobia-Chadeisson Michele Fetish Africa: a chronic misunderstanding L'Harmattan € 23.00
Didi-Huberman, Georges Resemblance The gay science informs or visual according to Georges Bataille Macula € 30.00
Catherine Clement, Nathan Tobie The couch and grigri O. Jacob € 8.40
Aswan, Paul Lawrence Fetishism PUF € 8.00
Meyer, Laure African objects Terrail € 19.00
Leiris, Michel Toguna Dogon Ritual items € 3.50
Collective Gris-gris, fetishes and Lucky Cherry Orchard € 14.00
Pavy, Agnes Fetishes on Cherche Midi € 14.50
Soalma, Bwénimavé Box fetishes: Legends of the savannahs of Africa (Burkina-Niger) L'Harmattan € 22.00
N'Diaye, Bokar Death fetishes of African Presence Sénédougou € 18.29
Badian, Seydou Marriage sacred Presence Africaine € 6.10
Most of the collective wisdom of the African Press Chatelêt € 12.00
Herge Tintin in the Congo Casterman € 17.95
Berenice Geoffroy-Schneiter, Jean Christine Ekom, the messenger of the spirits Dapper € 11.00
Gabriel Kinsa, Zau, François place Sorcerer River Association Diata € 13.00
Djeukam Anselmo Box mysterious Cameroon L'Harmattan € 7.00
Govignon, Brigitte L'art puzzles: Mango-Africa Youth € 10.50
Manila, My Creations Peggy's World, Africa Mila € 8.95
Lebon, Sophie My grigri Felt Milan youth € 6.50
Foot, Savine Creates objects Africa Père Castor-Flammarion € 7.50
Sellier Marie Marion Lesage Africa, small Chaka ...
Meeting of the museum
€ 13.00
Recipes Bibliography of the gods - the fetish aesthetic


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